I’m a Thinking Blogger?

Apr 4, 2007Archive

Gina and Cyndi tagged me as a thinking blogger. Thanks so much, girlz! Now my job is to nominate five thinking blogger blogs. Here are my top five intelligent, thought-provoking blogs:

Aspire2Blog. Author Sandra Glahn’s blog is always full of encouragement, great thoughts on recent news, and flawless writing.

Blue Vicar. A lovely and well-written blog about living abroad. Anne has a terrific voice and her observations about life in Southern France are spot on.

Flower Dust. Wow. Anne (a different Anne . . . I’m beginning to think all Annes are smarty pants!) does a terrific job of bringing up sticky and relevant issues. She’s got an intelligent readership. Lovely, lovely, lovely.

GlocalNet. Pastor Bob Roberts’ blog. He’s an amazing guy, full of Jesus. His global/local insights challenge me to dig deeper in my walk and think smarter about the church and its dynamic mission.

The Road to Stockholm. The blog of my friends Michael and Renee (both post) about their journey to Stockholm, which is coming to fruition. They just got their visas. Some of the BEST writing out there, folks. I guarantee you’ll be blessed by these two thinking Christians.

So there you have it! Visit away. And let me know your favorite “thinking bloggers.”