Back from Mount Hermon

Apr 4, 2007Archive

One thing I learned at Mount Hermon this week: there are Christian writers out there who are deeply concerned about their relationships with Jesus. I had the privilege of teaching a track at MH about the spiritual life of the writer. In the last class, I got the sense that I was speaking to a group of folks who could turn the world upside down with their words.

Then I read a post over at Brandilyn’s blog where she kindly shared some sales stats from 2006. (It’s VERY hard to find these numbers, so I’m so thankful she posted them.)

Every one who sold a bajillion copies was a household name, someone with a huge platform.
I admit, it disheartened me.

But then I thought again about the group of writers I taught and realized that God’s economy is different. I think we’ll be surprised when we place our toes on heaven’s soil. Those words written in obscurity, the words we never thought important or the world deemed worthy, will have eternal impact far exceeding our expectations.

I guess it’s about learning contentment. Am I content with where God has me in my writing career? Am I content to let Him use my words in whatever way He pleases? Do I love my reader enough to grapple deeply with Jesus and His radical claims, or do I spit out leftover revelation from celebrities?

So there may not be a market for my words. I may offend. Or call folks to a depth that scares them. So what. So what. So what.

I am called to write those words as obedience to the One who is the Word of all words.