God is on His throne. He sees. Be faithful in little.

Jun 8, 2011Find joy today, Kingdom Uncaged

The shenanigans of Harold Camping a few weeks ago reminds me afresh that we are so small, our brains too little to comprehend the bigness that God uses everything and everyone in His sovereign plan. He is in control even as heretics and cult leaders and crazy people dominate and try to “speak” for God. Reminds me of these quotes I read today:

“Christendom adjusts itself far too easily to the worship of power.” Bonhoeffer

“Nearly all men can stand adversity, but if you want to test a man’s character, give him power.” Abraham Lincoln

Not only do we need to be careful of wanting power, but we need to realize that the kingdom is upside down. The weak show God’s strength and beauty. The poor in spirit reveals God’s might. The downcast (as he/she looks to God for everything) demonstrates genuine faith. It’s not the megaphones that shout God’s reality; it’s the small unnoticed acts of kindness and beauty that holler God’s reality.

I’m curious when we get to heaven (by whichever vehicle God uses), who will be “big” there and who will be last. The thought of the actuality of the upside down kingdom being very true in heaven reminds me to not seek power, but to be faithful in small things, to give when no one notices, to remember those weaker. And to rest when folks say the name of Christ but don’t act with integrity or genuine obedience. God sees it all. He is on the throne. Glory be.