Make a (nearly) Free Christmas Gift!

Nov 16, 2011Family Uncaged

I’m super excited to share this cool deal with you!

I’ve compared prices around the internet for photos on canvas (size 8 x 10 for comparison sake) and found them to range between $30-$60 dollars. So I was thrilled to find this deal from Canvas People. You get a free 8×10 on canvas (gallery wrapped). The only thing you pay for is shipping ($14.95).

Now, combine this with and you’ll see just how fun this can be. There, you can upload your favorite photo, add texture to it, create words in front or behind, add other images (stickers), and do all sorts of creative things for FREE. Here’s an example of some things I created there:

And I created this:

How fun is that?

So if you’ve been wracking your brain for what to give hard-to-buy-for family and friends, consider clicking on the box below and creating your own masterpiece! The process took me about 10 minutes to create my image on picnik, and about 5 minutes to upload to Canvas People. All in all, 20 minutes + $14.95 = a one of a kind gift.

Side (but important) note: I already received my first canvas and WOW. Really, really nice, professional quality. I’d show it to you here, but it’s a gift. 🙂