Breathing is Better than Kicking

Aug 11, 2010Family Uncaged, Find joy today, Kingdom Uncaged

Last week I had the privilege of speaking at the national MOPS convention. I flew in early on Friday, then spoke on Saturday, which gave me an afternoon to relax. What is this relaxation I speak of? I’m not so sure. But I did promise my kids after the mountainfuls of work I’ve been under that when in Florida, I would relax.

So here I am, relaxing and getting a sunburn: It got very hot laying there so I dunked myself in the pool. Ahhhhh.

Then I hung on to the side of the pool and let my legs do whatever they do. Which is sink. And sometimes float. I did a little experiment as I rested my elbows on the edge of the pool. When I took a deep breath and held it, my legs behind me rose. When I let it out, they sank. For some reason this fascinated me.

Then I realized that to keep my legs toward the surface of the water without worrying about breathing in, I had to kick my legs.

In that, the Lord had a little reminder for me. That to be in His presence, breathing in His goodness, brings an effortlessness to life. It defines rest. But so often I forsake stopping and breathing for kicking. Seems lately my life’s been one set of haphazard or frenetic kicks after another. Kick, kick, kick. Get tired. Breathe. Forget about the effortlessness of breathing, then kick some more.

Breathing deeply and resting is better than kicking, folks. It’s better for me, at least.

In that pool, Jesus reminded me (sternly, yet tenderly), that I need to slow down. Breathe in His presence. Stop kicking.

How about you? How are you kicking? When do you breathe? How do you slow down and rest? When was the last time left felt effortless? Weightless?