Jul 25, 2006Archive

I guess you could call me a proponent of blogging. When authors make disparaging comments about the time-wasting tendencies of writing and reading blogs, I defend them. Why? Because I’ve learned not to be consumed by them (I limit my reading and writing time) and God has really, really blessed me with some amazing friends through this quirky medium.


Paula. She’s a doll. Look to the left and you’ll see what I mean. We met via her blog and various other avenues on the web. And then when I went to Denver, she graciously allowed me to crash her home my first night. She picked me up from the airport, fed me Tillamook cheese (oh how I miss it; what a delightful treat!), and encouraged me in many, many ways. I would have never had the opportunity to know Paula, at least in this way, had we not connected through blogging.

Camy. She and I actually met at Mount Hermon Christian Writers Conference briefly, but it was through her very funny and out-loud blog that I got to know her, her great humor, her reality, her heart. Here we are at the Christys with fellow novelist Susan Meissner. Camy is the cute one on the right. We’ve had some great correspondence over the last few months, in part, because of blogging. That’s why blogging can be beautiful. Combine it with a supernatural, sovereign God, and you get some amazing friends.

Lisa is another cyber-blogging friend. I can’t WAIT to meet her face to face (as I had the privilege at ICRS to meet Paula and Camy) at the ACFW conference in September. She’s so cool, very svelte, and writes amazing, amazing novels. I love her heart for the world, particularly in justice-related issues. She and her husband Will live in intentional community and are reaching out to their neighborhood. She occasionally blogs on The Master’s Artist, a blog full of artistically-bent writers of which I am privileged to be a part. I think that’s how I initially “met” Lisa.

Katy. Her blog, Fallible, is laugh-out-loud funny. Katy and I have had many great email conversations over the past two years. She’s funny, insightful, empathetic, and very sweet. I hope to meet her as well at the ACFW conference. Katy has prayed for us in France, and has often sent me just the right encouragement at the right time.

And to not let the men off the hook, Mick. Mick and I are good friends. We met at Mount Hermon the VERY last meal. His father had a great hand in helping me frame Building the Christian Family You Never Had during that brief lunch. Mick emailed me announcing his blog two years ago. It’s been a fun ride since then, reading his comments about Christian fiction. We had a good talk at ICRS. I greatly look forward to seeing Mick’s fiction in print (so Mick, if you are reading this, FINISH THAT BOOK!)

There are so many more of you! And I love you all. I’m indebted to so many who have loved me well through these difficult two years in France. Honestly, I don’t know how I would’ve survived here without the encouragement of my friends in the blogging community. As I’ve struggled with my own feeling of community here in France, I’ve been uplifted by my community around the United States and the world. Thank you. And thank you, Jesus, for providing friends in surprising, internetty ways. What a hoot!