Beautiful Blogging with Buddies!

Jul 26, 2006Write!

Welcome to the Carnival of Beauty, established by Sallie at A Gracious Home. This week’s topic is The Beauty of Blogging. I’m so thrilled to have y’all come on over and take a sampling of some of the best blogging (about blogging!) on the blogosphere. It’s a carnival, folks, so stick around, throw a few darts through pesky, unbreakable balloons, eat a swirl of cotton candy, sink your teeth into a fried Twinkie and be blessed.


My piece, complete with pictures and sentiment is right below this long blog entry. It’s called “Blogging+Jesus=Friends” Description: God has surprised me many times with amazing friends who I’ve first met in cyberworld.

Camy at Camy’s Loft writes “Blogging with Beauty When You’re Loud and Tactless” Description: We’re all individual, beautiful bloggers, right? Camy delves into the mysteries of blogging with beauty when you’re loud and tactless.

D’Ann at Five Bazillion and One wrote “Turtle on a Highwire” Description: A writer who likes the safety of her shell ventures her words into public view. Will she survive?

Erin at They Hang Like Paper Lanterns wrote “Blogging Ditty” Description: A light-hearted look at the world of blogging.

Gina at Portrait of a Writer…Interrupted has finally had to face it, she’s addicted to blogging. And some how she feels she’s not the only one with this problem!

Like many women in the world, Heather of b5 media’s Lively Women blog is on a diet, and while she’s craving tortilla chips and watching the numbers drop on her scale, she loves seeking encouragement from other healthy-minded bloggers (who are also wolfing down salads instead of extra-large french fries.) Read about her friends at “Blogging Our Way to Healthy Living.”

Jeanne at The View from Here wrote “Step Right Up” Description: Come win a plush animal at Jeanne’s bloggerhood block party, where the inanity is almost as perpetual as internet pics of Paris Hilton. (Oh, come on. You know you want to.)

Katy at wrote “The Beauty of Budding Bloggers” Description: Remember the first time you heard the word maranatha? How about the word blog? They were Greek to Katy McKenna, too, but no more.

Lisa at Author Intrusion wrote “I Love my Blogworld Friends,” Description: We meet by heart, gather by soul, commune in mind and rejoice in Spirit. Blogging is beautiful because of the friends that gather.

Cyndi of One Day More wrote “If You’re Reading This Right Now…” Description: As creations in His image, we have words. We think them, say them, sign them, read them, listen to them, write them… and some of us blog them…

Mary at Releasing the Artist Within wrote “Blogging–Participating in Life” Description: In a nutshell, I live with Rheumatoid Arthritis, a chronic, autoimmune disease that limits me physically at times. Blogging allows me to be part of community, to participate in life.

Kari at Healed Waters wrote, “The Beauty of Blogging: The Body of Christ” Description:
The true beauty of blogging ~ that which is most gratifying, telling, original, and true is that the body of Christ extends far beyond the reaches of my neighborhood, my chapel, my family, friends, and acquaintances. That I’ve spiritual brothers and sisters across the country and around the globe and in blogging I have opportunity to partake of that extended family. To reap from the blessings of family. To serve in and as family. To learn to care for the family of God as the Lord, Himself, would have me.

Deb at Mountain Musings wrote “The Sweet Aroma of Blogging” Description: From never having heard of blogging a couple of years ago to thoroughly enjoying the contact with online friends and even recently meeting them personally, the Mountain Musings crew wants to use their blog to spread a sweet aroma for Christ.’

Diane at Partners in Prayer for Our Prodigals wrote “The Beauty of Blogging” Description: There couldn’t be better timing than this week to celebrate the beauty of blogging; illustrating how God’s people lovingly wrapped their arms around a family suffering a desperate loss. ‘

Donna at Devotionals by Donna wrote “Blessed to Blog” Description: I hear so many negative comments about ‘the evils of the internet,’ but God proves every day He can use it for good. That’s why I’m blessed to blog.

Jennifer, at Snapshot wrote “The Blog Personality” Description: Jennifer writes about the qualities that she values in her friends and her blogroll.

Blair at Scribblings by Blair wrote “The Father Up Above, Is Looking Down In Love” Description: Through the simplicity of a children’s song, Blair remindes us that “The Father Up Above, Is Looking Down In Love.”

Ellen at mzellen wrote, “Why I Blog” Description: Blogging has two faces and Ellen takes a look at her reasons for both of them

Michelle at Just a Minute wrote, “As He Chooses” Description: The Blogosphere may be big and overwhelming but God sees things differently.

Heather at L’Chaim wrote, “Connecting, I Connect” Description: I log-on to shop rather than entering the mayhem of people in malls. I log-on to read news, rather than walking to the nearest newstand. I log-on to request library books rather than wondering up and down the shelves, bumping into other readers. Our world is increasingly disconnected. Yet, in Connecting, I Connect because in blogs I can share lives and ideas and stories with friends across the world. I am a writer and I am a reader in the blog world, so I learn to live better, and so I am connected.

Susanna at Sleeping Babe wrote “Bitter Sweet” Description: Susanna reflects that sometimes beauty is found throught the bitter sweet experience of realising who you are through blogging.

Iris at Sting My Heart wrote “With Keyboard & Mouse” Description: Because Iris at Sting My Heart is ‘chicken’ to go on mission trips, she is sharing her faith from behind the computer screen.”

Sherrin at Small Things wrote “Why Blog?” Description: I have struggled with sin in regard to blogging. However, I keep doing it because of the many good reasons to blog and the blessings it brings.

Keziah at a Woman who Fears the Lord wrote “The Beauty of Blogging: Teach what is Good” Description: How the teaching and encouragement of women through their blogs, all over the world from all Christian traditions and with many different experiences, challenges me to be a woman after God’s heart.

Karen at The Encouragement Emporium wrote “Initiate Conversation—Blogging to Encourage” Description: The piece is about how blogging can be a source of encouragement to others.

Janice at 5 Minutes for Mom wrote “The Body of Christ in the Blogosphere” Description: Janice reflects on discovering the beauty of the family of Christ in the blogging community.