Andi Ashworth: Folks, we’ve lost our connection to each other.

May 2, 2011Family Uncaged, Find joy today, Kingdom Uncaged, Write!

I had the privilege of meeting Andi Ashworth at Mount Hermon a year ago when her husband, recording artist Charlie Peacock, spoke to writers. They’ve helped pioneer Art House America, and now have a branch near me in Dallas! Lots of discussions and artsy interaction happens there, all in a Jesusy context.

Recently I picked up her sweet and amazing book, Real Love for Real Life. Definitely buy it. I’m still so surprised that it’s no longer in print.

In order to entice you, I’m including some of her quotes. I pray they bless you as much as they blessed me.

On experiencing heaven on earth through art:

“In small and large ways, when we create beauty–in our environment, relationships, music, cooking, poetry, and celebrations–we push back the effects of the Fall and express our hope for the new heaven and the new earth that God promises. When we give artful attention to detail, we point people to a truer and better reality. When we offer beauty, we touch something in the human soul. We remind others of who they are and what they were made for. We bring hope and inspiration.”

On busyness:

“Many of us have fallen into the trap of believing that money gives work value and busyness gives us worth.”

On industry vs. overwork:

“What concerns God most about our work are the extremes of idleness and overwork.”

On Cyberpeople vs. real community:

“We were created to respond to voice, touch, and physical presence, yet our society is increasingly voiceless, faceless, and untouchable. We can bank, shop, put gas in the car, buy groceries, and make business calls without once interacting with a live person. Most of the time it’s convenient, many times it’s frustrating, but all of it contributes to the loss of human connection in daily life.”

I love Andi’s poetic, hard-won prose and the example of how she’s chosen to live her life before others.


How about you? What strikes you from these quotes? What convicts? Why?