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The Watercolor Story

Mary paints Scripture and prayer art

just for you!

Several years ago, Mary’s friend created art during Lent, one piece every day for forty days. She thought that sounded much more interesting than giving up chocolate, so she painted during Lent as a spiritual practice. Mostly she illustrated Scripture. Mary’s friends began asking for her art (which she was certainly self-conscious about), but she eventually created a little store. There, you can find illustrated prayers, Scripture cards, journals, a calendar, greeting cards, and screen savers.

Even if your story is difficult or traumatic, there is hope.

Mary loves to advocate for people with hard stories. (She’s been there.)

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Mary DeMuth speaks with Carol Costello on CNN’s Across America, talking about how the church handles abuse, and how it can do better.


Guest: Across America

Featured here. “People who are broken and hurting are tutors to lead us to Christ,” she said. “As you love someone who’s broken, you are being like Christ to them, but you’re also discovering Christ in them because he only shows up in the weak and the broken—his power is made perfect in our weakness.… Instead of looking at someone as a project, look at them as the projection of the beauty of Christ.”

Christianity Today

Featured in: 10 Women Who Are Changing the Southern Baptist Response to Abuse

Read here. “Often we see in communities of faith that victims are admonished to be grace-like, offering instant forgiveness to their abuser as if it could be doled out like a trinket or candy. And when someone is pressured to ‘be like Jesus’ and forgive swiftly, often this pressure causes harm. Sexual violation cuts deeply. It eats away at worth, esteem, and personhood.”  

The Washington Post

byline, "In faith communities like the Duggars, abuse victims are encouraged to be filled with grace. It’s not that simple."

Listen here. “Author and advocate Mary DeMuth explains the history of sexual abuse in the church, why cover ups are now so common, how we can respond more redemptively, and the best ways to prevent abuse in the first place.”

The Holy Post

podcast guest

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Mary enjoys shepherding, coaching, and mentoring writers toward their publishing dreams! She established Mary DeMuth Literary in 2022 and is taking a limited amount of motivated, Christ-following nonfiction writers.


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