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Get Your Free Ebook Today!

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21 – Enslaved no more. Really!

I had a product on this site where I shared the healing journey, how God heals your broken heart. Instead of selling it, I am going to give it to you for free in six installments. This is installment number six, the final episode. Hooray!

The Gist:

Today we’re going to talk about slavery and the Promised Land in terms of our own journey of healing. We are called to beautiful freedom, but we often prefer what is safe and knowable: the slavery of the past. Find out how to be SET RADICALLY FREE!!!


“For we do not…

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Why Our Kids Date (and don’t court)


Recently, my friend Thomas Umstattd of Author Media (who built this website) posted about Courting. It’s definitely worth a read. “Why Courtship is Fundamentally Flawed.” I’ve long pondered this idea, particularly after I Kissed Dating Goodbye hit the bookshelves so many years ago. Something about it made me uncomfortable. Not that I didn’t want to […]

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Is hanging out in a coffeeshop, church?


One of my most trafficked blog posts is Spiritual Abuse: 10 Ways to Spot it. While I’m not an expert on spiritually abusive churches or ministries, I’ve had my share of negative experiences, some bordering on abuse. As I read through the comments, I saw a lot of hurting people, some of whom have left […]

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