Has someone hurt you? Here’s a way through.

In this week’s podcast, I go through a part of my book The Wall Around Your Heart where I share a sweet secret how to move through relational pain. Hint: it involves talking to God.

I share how to do that in five ways:

  1. Begin with Jesus.
  2. Begin with His affection toward you. (Oh how you are LOVED!)
  3. Begin with worship.
  4. Begin with seeing that pesky person as a GIFT.
  5. Begin with an open heart.


“I’ve learned that prayer is not just about trying to get God to do what we want God to do but about getting ourselves…

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I was raped, now I hate sex. Now what?


I received this email from someone struggling with sex after rape: When I was in my twenties, I was gang raped by 6 men. I started counseling but stopped. I felt that unless the counselor had ever been raped, how could she possibly understand what I was feeling or how to help me? I thought […]

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I need your help.


I am realizing that “live uncaged” or “your life, uncaged” is a great brand, but it’s not specific. It’s a bit abstract. Yes, you can picture a bird flying from a cage, and hopefully you can imagine yourself soaring like that, but I need your help defining exactly what that means in a feet-to-the-earth, tangible […]

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