Novelists: 1 Easy Question

This is a guest post by Susan May Warren, my awesome novelist friend, to celebrate our compilation BARGAIN book on writing. If you’re an aspiring writer, longing to be published, pick up your awesome purchase of 99 cents here!


So, here’s Susan! Oh and here she is: me, Rachel Hauck, Susie, and Tracy Higley.


My aspiring writer, Sally, slapped down the open page of a spiral notebook onto the table at the coffee shop, and slid into her chair,…

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Two Words Series #3: My faults


This is the third part of a three-part series about two words. Today’s two words? My faults. Read part one here, and part two here. I have many faults, and I don’t always share them in public like skivvies on a clothesline. But today as a part of being real, and helping us all feel […]

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Who is Your Goliath?


No doubt, there are some relationships in your life that are thriving, whose steady beat brings joy to you. But there may be some relationships that steal your breath and damage your heart. In order to experience joy, it’s wise to take a look at those difficult relationships that loom in your life. We marvel […]

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