Don’t I have a right to be angry?

This is part of the several-week, Ask Mary A Burning Question series. Below is a series of questions I answered a reader through email (used by permission). If you  have a question you’d like me to tackle, please write it in the comments section below.

Recently I received an email from someone who read my story. I’m sharing our email dialog with her permission (name withheld).

She asked, How can you let go so easily? Don’t I have the right to be angry?

Of course you have every right to be angry. Keep in mind my healing has…

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25 – 4 Truths that’ll Change the Way You View Evangelism


Podcast: Play in new window | Download The Gist: Every Christian can change the landscape of other people’s spiritual lives by embracing four truths. Truth One:You are ALL ________ in God’s kingdom. Truth Two: Your job is to be a ___________ despite how others might react. Truth Three: Jesus heals with a word so you […]

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Let Jesus Out


Have you ever considered that your lack of risk in this life (for kingdom things) means you are not letting Jesus out? He so longs to touch the marginalized, to serve quietly, to say the difficult word in the perfect timing, to pray for a stranger who is barely hanging on to life. I want […]

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