Should I tell my story chronologically or in little bits?

Here’s a question from Shelly:

I have been in counseling with the same person for the last 1 1/2 years. The basic gist of what happened to me as a child is known, but I haven’t told the story of it in any sort of timeline. It’s all been in pieces. At the beginning I was told that I didn’t have to tell everything right then, that I could take my time and only share what I was comfortable .sharing. How important is it to sit down and tell it from the beginning? Am…

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Angry at God?/30


Podcast: Play in new window | Download The Gist: This week I’m addressing three more of your questions. Here they are: How can you let go so easily? Don’t I have the right to be angry? Wouldn’t we be kept from heaven if we hold on? It was a dumb question to ask to begin […]

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Wanting God Uncages Us {Guestpost by Lisa Whittle}


I’m so happy/joyful/excited to share with you my dear friend Lisa Whittle. Oh how I love her. Here we are, being friends: She has a new book out, I Want God, that is a beauty. It’s challenging, amazing, and life altering. I love how Lisa equates our wanting more of God to FREEDOM. And this […]

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