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10 Lies that Kill Your Worth

So next week my book on worth releases. Here’s the thing about all that. Usually I am attacked (spiritually) around the issue of the book I’ve written. So, yep, true to life, I have been struggling with worth. Boo. One example: I made a request of someone a while back, then never heard back. My […]

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Like Them

“We want to be like the nations around us.” 1 Samuel 8:20 8 words. Spoken by the Israelites who looked around and saw something they didn’t have: a king. All the other nations had one, why not them? Isn’t that where our discontentment starts? We want to be like the others, like them, like that […]

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0013 – Ocieanna Fleiss Play in new window | DownloadSubscribe: iTunes | Android | RSSOcieanna Fleiss is one of the most tender, sweet people I know on this earth. And she has a very surprising story. How Our Stories Intersected Ocieanna was in my novel mentoring class at Mount Hermon Christian Writers Conference a few years ago. She […]

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Book Mary to Speak

Book Mary
Mary Demuth: Featured Here

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