Your art matters

I spoke at a single’s gathering last week, and as I spoke, I again felt it in my gut: This is what I am supposed to do. To speak. To hear from God and share what I’ve learned with others.

And still the doubts lingered, even after that rush of knowing. Does it matter? Do my words matter? Does my art matter?

Have you ever felt that way?

  • Does the job I do from 9-5 every day matter in the grand scheme?
  • Does the parenting I do in the margins and chaos of life matter five years from now?
  • Does…

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Let God be BIG (and your problems small)


Impossible joy starts here: recognizing the power and majesty of God. It might seem counter-intuitive to think that way. Wouldn’t it make more sense to boost our self-esteem and think about how cool we are? Wouldn’t that make us more joyful? The two ideas aren’t mutually exclusive. Think big thoughts about God and find amazement […]

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The Invisible Writer {Guest Post}


I’m grateful to welcome my friend Emily T. Wierenga to my blog today. I had the privilege of endorsing her book Making it Home–a beautiful piece of heartfelt, metaphoric memoir. You’ll get to “taste” some of her sweet writing skills in this piece she shared with me. Enjoy! … The year is 2011, and Kasher […]

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