Sexual Abuse Hurts

Sexual Abuse Hurts

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Fretting Awareness Month

You may remember that, ahem, I gave up fretting for lent.

Except that I realized that fretting is part of my worrisome DNA. I jokingly referred to this time as Fretting Awareness Month. Instead of ceasing to fret, I realized just how tangled my soul had become in the task of worry. I wish I could tell you that I’ve mastered joyful, carefree living. That when money troubles come my way, I happily give those stresses to Jesus and go on my Mary way.


I still fret.

I disobey this verse by stewing about what happened yesterday and worrying about what…

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04 – What We Leave Behind


Podcast: Play in new window | Download This is an unusual podcast, one tinged in pain, but punctuated with hope. It’s about a woman who left this world beautifully. I’ve written about it here if you’d like to see pictures. 13 takeaway nuggets: The way home is really love. Persevere with people. Help them see […]

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13 Quotes that Changed the Way I View my Writing Career


The Oscar-winning documentary 20 Feet From Stardom is a must-watch for every struggling writer. I promise you will be inspired. The first time I watched it, I nodded my head, said a few amens, and felt understood as an artist who doesn’t always feel like a success. Watching these background singers walk such a similar […]

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