What do I do about my anger at God?

If you’d like to hear me answer this question, click on over at the Uncaged Podcast here.

JS writes:

I too have found myself angry at God lately…and I have found it to be confusing because I know my need for Him and my love for Him, but as I start this healing process I find that my confidence in Him is so badly shaken. I listen to our pastor during worship service and preaching as he mentions the goodness of God, and I feel myself just shut down. I have 3 little ones….

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Forgiving Friends – 31


Podcast: Play in new window | Download The Gist: Choose friends wisely, friends who love Jesus over the long haul (12:26). Cautious means “spy out, examine.” Associate with wise friends and let go of foolish ones. This proverb (13:20) is a good one to pray over your children and loved ones who are being swayed […]

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What I Want


I want to climb to the summit of a fourteener (and not die) I want to truly grasp God’s affection for me I want to run (limp!) a marathon I want to take a cooking class in Paris I want my toes to touch the soil of Ghana and South Africa I want to raise […]

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