Are you living in the tension of an unfinished story?

I’m reading through some of my 2500 past posts and sharing some of the most impacting ones (at least for me, and according to feedback from you. This one hit me hard (again) because I think we often live in the tension of an unfinished story. This side of eternity we will never experience “the end” to the best extent. There will always be longing. So what do we do in the meantime? This little article strives to address that.

I like “the end.” Don’t you? It’s closure, folks. A grand finale. It’s how I can…

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I thought it had died


So some strange/interesting things have happened with this little book about Spiritual Warfare. When I wrote it, wow, so much spiritual warfare swirled around me. My prayer team worked on overload to get me through it. Much of what I wrote about, I learned on the battleground of France where the spiritual warfare was thick […]

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13 Warning Signs for the Christian Celebrity


As you know, I’ve been reading through my 2500 past posts this summer. I found this one and wondered whether I should share it or not. But it serves as a good cautionary tale for anyone who in some way has status within the Christian subculture. You don’t have to be “famous” to glean truth […]

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