A book can save a life…

I received this correspondence by surprise, and got permission to share it with you. Now, this has to do with my first published book, Ordinary Mom, Extraordinary God, but it could have just as easily been a letter I’d written or a blog post. What I mean by that is your words matter in this world.

If you’re a writer, fight against discouragement. Save letters like this to remind you that words are powerful, and the more we wield generous ones, the more lives we’ll see moved and changed.

Writer friend, don’t give up.

Hi Mary,
Facebook says…

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Which Poop Cover?

Thanks for voting yesterday on the cover choices for Live Uncaged. (If you haven’t click here and let me know what you think). This will be the new giveaway on my site (the freebie I give to people who sign up for my ezine list). I know some of you might not enjoy the poop […]

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Please vote on a new cover!

I would really appreciate your help this week. I’ll have another post tomorrow with three other covers (for another book). Would you be so kind as to vote on a cover? Just tell me what you like in the comments. Thanks! This is for my ebook Live Uncaged, which will replace my current cover on […]

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