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Confession of a Frazzled One–Do you relate?

It’s been one of the most challenging, unsettling weeks of my life, the kind where you feel everything’s been thrown heavenward, then spilled onto the ground in strange, confusing heaps. Shock is still circling around my brain, and I have a hard time thinking. I wish I could be more forthcoming, but I have a […]

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001 – The First Ever Restory Show with Bethany Kaczmarek Play in new window | DownloadSubscribe: iTunes | Android | RSSAbout the restory show Last summer God birthed the concept of restory in me. You can read about that process here. Or click the short video below to get a better idea: re-story from Mary DeMuth on Vimeo. I prayed a lot about what […]

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Three business partners keeping thumbs up

10 Traits of a grace-based friend

I sat up in bed last night, thinking over the breadth of my friendships. Because I’ve moved around a lot, I’ve had a few friends in different locations. Some of those friendships have remained, and as it often goes in this mobile life, some of those friendships have died away. I’ve seen just how important […]

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