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My Eclectic Church Biography

I’m a Seattle girl, born and bred. I didn’t meet Jesus until I was fifteen and the Young Life leader kept telling stories about this man named Jesus who stilled the waves and stooped to help the hurting. I fell in love with Him then.

The leader told me I needed to find a church, so I did. A little Presbyterian country church I loved to pieces. I ventured there alone, my father deceased, my stepfather now moved on, and my mom busy with work and life.

We moved, and I made the search for another small…

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22 – What Are Thin Places?

Thin Places square

Podcast: Play in new window | Download I’m excited to share this excerpt from my memoir, Thin Places. The Gist: A thin place is a place where you experience the presence of God, where the veil between heaven and earth are thin. Typically, these happen in times of difficulty. This book is my heart naked […]

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Why You Shouldn’t Just Let it Go {Susanne Maynes guest post}


This is a guest post by author Susanne Maines. You can meet her at her website here or on Facebook. I love the important message she shares here. … Ever notice how our culture promotes forgetting the past and forging ahead? Take the theme song from the Disney film “Frozen.” Kids of all ages know […]

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