Worth Testimony 9: La Kisha

May 17, 2016Worth Living

May is the official launch month of Worth Living! To celebrate, I’ll be sharing testimonies from my launch team for the next few days. If you’d be so kind, please share a comment to encourage the bravery of these amazing folks.

Also, if you’re curious about the book and want to know more about the ten lies and ten truths it talks about, you can get free printable cards here. (And a free chapter of the book). Just click the button to learn more:


A NEW ditty about the book

I learned through writing this book that God has a new story for all of us. We may be entrapped by a painful past, but through the Holy Spirit we no longer need to be held back by that story. In my last chapter, I write about the redemptive story God is weaving in our lives, no longer in reaction to the past, but in great anticipation of the future.

And now onto today’s testimony: LaKisha Mosley

Isn’t she beautiful?
LaKisha Mosley's photo.

La Kisha writes, “Beautiful and loving book that shares God’s undying love for us. Mary captures our hearts with her genuine story of how God loves us in our brokenness yet He can turn it all around. We are so worthy of love and worth living. Mary helps women know their worth and how to live life the fullest in spite of being broken. This book is beautiful guide to looking forward to a glorious future and impacted others with your light. Perfect for Bible study or small groups.”

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