0015 – Craig and Medine Keener

May 16, 2016Restory Show

What a beautiful, surprising, sacrificial, and supernatural story Craig and Medine Keener have. You are in for a beautiful surprise!

How Our Stories Intersected

I actually “met” the Keeners face to face during this interview. However, I learned about Craig through Frank Viola because, as a New Testament scholar, Craig read over our book The Day I Met Jesus to check it for accuracy. (What a blessing that was, and humbling too!) Then Craig asked if I would be willing to read Impossible Love for possible endorsement. I jumped at the chance and was not disappointed. WOW. Friends, you NEED to get this book. Truly.

At this time, I also discovered that my daughter Sophie was a huge fan of Dr. Keener’s work. He graciously sent an autographed commentary!


About the Keeners’ Story

They met in the United States after Craig walked through a devastating divorce. Their friendship developed and evolved when she moved to France, then halted when she returned to her country the Republic of Congo. Because of the unrest, they had little contact. But eventually, God began to do something extraordinary.

In Their Own Words

“Papa Jacques, I heard a voice that called to me and said, ‘Wake up and pray for Medine.'”

“I couldn’t remember exactly what she looked like.” Craig

“‘I’m alive,’ were her first words in her letter. I was dancing right there. I’d been praying for Medine for a long time. And also I was praying for a future wife.” Craig

“I had strong feelings, but obeying the Lord comes first.” Craig

“All those letters were from Craig. He would say he loved me as his sister, and I was so upset.” Medine

Restory Recap

  • Craig felt his divorce disqualified him from ministry and another marriage, but God brought amazing healing, and opened him up to a new life.
  • Medine experienced healing from Malaria while she was fleeing rebels in her country.
  • Their story was interrupted by a misunderstanding about the word “ministry.”
  • They both sought Jesus for direction about their relationship.

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As in all my episodes, I pray for you at the end. It’s my sincere hope that you’ll walk away from the Restory Show changed and challenged.

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The End

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