Need a new worship playlist?

Nov 8, 2023Archive

I’m walking through a season in my relationship with God and his church to the point that overused worship songs fall flat to me. For whatever reason, I can’t seem to participate in them, and so many of the internal messages of modern worship songs are about me-me-me. I would rather sing songs to the Lord about his capabilities, not mine. About his holiness and otherness, abandoning myself to Him who is worthy.

So I went on a quest. I asked you for unusual, outlier songs that resonated with you.

The result is this beautiful playlist. I pray these songs would snap you out of the rut of the same old songs. And I hope the theology therein ministers to your heart that longs to worship our great God!


You can find it on Spotify here.







You can find it on itunes here.


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  1. Brenda Spurgeon

    Mary, I’ve felt the same way now for about 3 years. Many of the new lyrics aren’t even biblically accurate or the churches who produce many of the popular worship songs are teaching heresies.
    I’ll check out your list.