When the Spirit Overrides the Law

Sep 2, 2008Archive

A ball rolled up the pavement today. On my run, I glanced down just in time to see it rolling uphill. I puzzled about it a minute, then felt the warm breeze on my face. Yes, of course. The wind.

The Lord reminded me of His Holy Spirit, how it’s often rendered “wind.” Pneuma. I wonder how my life would be different today if I truly believed God’s spirit could defy natural law. If I truly believed He could do counterintuitive things. If I waited long enough to feel His breeze upon my spirit. 
The truth is, God is terribly big. And He made everything. And since He made everything, it makes sense that He can do out of the ordinary things like heal folks or save folks or give folks amazing faith. He can take the downward spiral of our lives and make us roll uphill. He’s done that for me. He will do that for you.