What Weeds Taught Me About Myself

Jan 31, 2014Find joy today

I’m pestered by myself on more than one occasion. I’m one of those all-or-nothing gals. (Click to tweet) It’s tyranny, folks. Like right now, I’m looking out my window. I should be overjoyed that I have an office with a window, right? I am, but…

Infiltrating our dormant Bermuda grass are hairy little grassy weedy things that are screaming to be pulled before the Bermuda awakens to spring and I can no longer see the weeds. There are HUNDREDS of these weeds. I’m an organic gardener (as much as you can be in Texas), so it means I’ll have to take my hand weeder and uproot the little buggers. Problem is, I won’t be able to do just one spot a day. Once I get out there, I’ll want to tackle the entire yard.

I’ll wake up the next day with a sore back, scolding myself for my all or nothing ways.

Do you ever drive yourself crazy like this? Like my office (which I love)…it’s not complete. I still have a long list of “to dos” to improve the space. So, it sits half done, which makes me absolutely nutty!

Why can’t I rest? Why can’t I just be satisfied with enough? With incompletion?

I’ve been this way my entire life. My husband can vouch for the twenty three years he’s been with me that I have not changed much, at least in this aspect.

Oh, to be free of the tyranny that is me! Oh to have a weed unplucked! Oh to let the office rest! Oh to rest myself!

Any words of wisdom for a crazy like me?

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