What if?

Jan 19, 2009Heal from the past

Yep, I had another weird dream. In it, I traveled back in time to visit people who I’d met later in life who had really messed up their lives. I visited them at their initial point of decision. (You know how each addiction, bad life choice, etc. usually starts with one little decision?)

I warned each person, told them what I saw them doing to themselves in the future, how they destroyed their lives and devastated those they loved. I implored. I begged. I tried to make them see. But they kept on the same trajectory.

I woke up sad.

Then I realized how God must feel. (No, I’m certainly not equating myself with Him!) He, through His Holy Spirit, sees the future of us. He sees which way our decisions which seem small at the time affect us into disaster later. He whispers warnings, tells us to reconsider our decisions. Why? Because He loves us and knows us from birth to death. He is not confined by time and space.

But so often we turn away.

Once, a friend recounted a harrowing journey down sin’s trail. It started with one bad decision. “I kept hearing God’s voice beckoning me away, but I didn’t listen. Now I have to live with the fact that I kept saying no to God, kept ignoring Him.”

Through this conversation and the dream I had last night, I keep thinking about the narrow road. The Bible says FEW are those who find it. Not only does it apply to those who choose to follow Him or not to follow Him toward eternity, but I also believe it’s an apt metaphor for us as believers. When we shrug off the voice of God, we walk in a wide path.

But His voice beckons us down the narrow one.