What dreams are festering?

Nov 9, 2011Mind if I pray for you?

In my ongoing series about prayer, this week I’d like you to consider your dreams and hopes for today and the future. What has God breathed within you? How have you obeyed His call to walk in that dream? What obstacles have you experienced? Which ones have you overcome? What looms in front of you?

Satan would like nothing better than to thwart your dreams and have you live defeated lives. So this week in prayer, let’s focus on our God-initiated dreams. Please share your dreams in the comment section and I will pray for you. It’s my hope that others will join the chorus and pray for you too. In the meantime, here are some prayers you can pray as you navigate your dreams:

For those with writer dreams:

Lord, I pray that You would open up the Kingdom of God with the words of my friend here. Obliterate fear. Overcome worry. Be the strength of life. Write through each person reading this prayer, and change the landscape of people’s lives because of the words You initiate. Amen.

For those experiencing obstacles to their dreams:

Jesus, I pray you would bring freedom to my friend in a surprising way over the next week. Grant new insight into what holds us back. Bring true, deep, lasting renewal from the inside out. Where a desert has been, bring rain and life. Where there has been confusion, bring clarity. Where there’s been stress, usher in peace. Do something utterly new. Amen.

For those needing a new perspective on their dreams and passions:

Jesus, thank you for a new day. I pray for new things for my friend reading this email. Do something brand spanking new! Heal! Renew! Breathe life! Uplift! Refresh! I trust that You are big enough to resurrect my friend’s dreams today Amen.