A Healing Tale of Two Caddies (& a Giveaway)

Nov 10, 2011Find joy today, Heal from the past

The first caddy I bought near Nice in southern France when my world crumbled beneath me. Yet I kept up a good facade, smiling through the ache in my heart. Several times a week, I entertained guests, team members, and new friends, until the hospitality gene I thought had been deeply imbedded in me choked and died.

This is that caddy.

Where does it sit now? Not on our table, holding silverware and napkins for guests. No, it lives in my pantry behind closed doors, full of tea and coffee stuff. It has been a reminder to me of failure, of the time I lost my mojo to love others through hospitality. It symbolizes lack and burnout to me.

Yet God keeps wooing me toward Him. And toward others. The seeds of hospitality are sprouting, ever so feebly, in my heart.

So this month when Dayspring kindly offered to send me a silverware caddy to try out and share with you, I felt a catch in my heart. All those reminders flooded back to me. Imagine my gratitude when I opened the box, pulled out the caddy, and read this verse on its front: “Give thanks to the Lord for His unfailing love.” Psalm 107:8.

Yes, indeed.

Maybe the key to healing from the devastation from France rests in that short but powerful verse. I am to give thanks …

  • For the guests we had in a foreign land.
  • For being spent (because that meant Jesus could shine).
  • For exposing our kids to another culture.
  • For my brokenness because crazy growth came through that pain.
  • For that wire caddy that reminds me that I walk with a limp (and need Jesus to walk well.)
  • For the people who will walk through the front door of our home once again.

So this caddy will sit outside a cabinet, serving as a reminder of our great redemptive God.

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What object in your home shows how far God has brought you? Or indicates your healing?

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Note: As I mentioned, Dayspring provided the caddy to review, and my opinions about it are my own. I didn’t expect God would use a wooden utensil holder to orchestrate healing! If you’d like to shop at the Dayspring store with discounts and coupons, click on the header on this post. Thanks!