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Oct 4, 2005Find joy today, Write!

Hear what fellow writers are saying about the monthly RelevantProse newsletter:

“That newsletter was your best yet! It really flowed and your writing was spot-on pitch perfect. And it really fed me as a tired, stressed writer this morning. I am going like a maniac trying to promote Chosen while managing 3 little ones, 2 schools, 2 books to edit, and 2 to write. I needed to read that newsletter, and God bless you for writing it.” –Ginger

“WOWOWOWOWOW, Mary!!! This was beyond fabulous! I felt you in your words, I experienced your emotions, I related to your examples, I was touched down deep somewhere in my heart as I read…THANK YOU for being you, for being real, for writing so openly, for challenging me, for moving me, for real food for thought…I’m sharing it with some dear friends.” –Becky

“Thanks for your newsletter, Mary. Your words (via the Holy Spirit) touched me very much. What a blessing you are to so many of us aspiring writers. Your creativity has definitely sparked mine. One advantage to your being in France is that you’re encountering fresh experiences with a new culture — mais oui! This will give you much more fodder for relevant prose in the years to come.” –Heather

“I was blessed by this in so many ways, Mary. Thank you.” –Caroline

“Fantastic ezine today! Although I just sold my 30th book, this really spoke to me this morning. I think with success it’s easy to lose the focus that you’re writing HIS words, and not your own, and that HE is in charge of sales and success, not ME. Thanks for getting me back to basics myself.” –Kristi

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