Validation: The Insatiable Need

Mar 26, 2010Find joy today

I wonder if I’m a validation junkie. An affirmation addict. A praise nerd.


Are you?

It’s probably why I wanted to be a singer as a kid, longing for that “You did a good job” at the end of a performance. It’s probably why I exhausted myself for all those A grades in high school and college. Why I tried to be the “perfect” mommy and wife. Why I write for others to read.

There’s a little hole in me that can’t seem to be filled.

And yet, I’m growing up. I’m learning to receive praise like it’s a truffle–lovely to digest in a moment, but not sustenance for life. I’m learning to let Jesus fill those needy parts of me. Letting the praise from others bounce off my soul a bit so I can absorb Jesus’ life-filled words first.

I’m just so thankful He loves me. He validates me. He affirms me. He sends snippets of praise my way. Alleluia!