The motions

Jan 11, 2010Find joy today

I’m thinking about and singing this song, “The Motions” by Matthew West. You can watch the amazing video here.

It was easy singing a song like that when we lived in France, untethered to security, constantly facing distress and out-of-the-box trials. We left everything comfortable. But now I live in Texas with a church on every corner, attending an amazing, vibrant church. I have good friends, great kids, a terrific husband. And it all seems so easy.

I’m afraid to say the word “easy” out loud, though. It’s like I’m inviting trouble, isn’t it? Because even if life feels navigatable, God is always at work on the inner landscape of stubborn hearts, isn’t He? Though I do feel like I could choose to put myself out there, away from comfort more often–in those places where I can’t depend on my wherewithal.

It’s like my workout plans in 2009, which consisted of one thing: jogging. I wondered why it didn’t help, why I didn’t lose the weight I’d gained back in Texas. Well, the sad truth is this: I’m far too easy on myself. When I got winded, I slowed down. When I hurt, I desisted.

Now that I have a trainer for a few more sessions, I see my tendency to embrace comfort over exertion. She pushes me way beyond where I’d push myself, and I’m finally seeing results. It’s that way in the spiritual life. The Holy Spirit pushes us out of the nest of our comfortable spot, pushes us to fly on fickle winds. We have a choice. To fly or to cling to the nest.

Going through the motions is clinging to the nest. It’s making an idol out of comfort rather than living for the glory of God.

I don’t want to go through the motions! But I do want to go through motions!

Lord, help me to heed You when You push me outside that which is comfortable to me. Help me to feel the weight of Your push, the dread of the air beneath me, the power of Your wings to help me soar in unknown places. I don’t want to embrace complacency. I want to trust You with risk, with daring to live for You even when it hurts. Rejuvenate my desires. Lift them above comfort to conforming to Your will. I choose You, Lord. Wherever You lead is where I want to go.