The Beauty of Growing Friends

Nov 7, 2007Archive

This is me and my dear longtime friend Stacey. I got engaged on her couch! We’ve been friends nearly half our lives, and one of our first times getting pictures taken involved pancake makeup and big ol’ hair at Glamour Shots. Scary!

I remember Stacey choosing me one day. We’d been friends a long time when we sat in her car near her apartment in Washington state and she said something like, “I see in you the kind of friend I want. I’m choosing you.” I’ve been blessed ever since.

I had the opportunity to spend time with her this last weekend. When we went out to dinner, it was a rich feast, not merely because the food was terrific, but because our conversation was deep. What I love about Stacey: she loves Jesus, and she longs to grow all the time. It’s so entirely rare to meet someone like her, that after I spend time with her, I am rejuvenated. I love that she chases after healing, that she walks through dark places with integrity and grit. And I hope some of that maturity rubs off on me. That’s my prayer.

On Monday, I had the privilege speaking to a small group of women she leads. I loved that Jesus showed up and moved through that group. And I love that Stacey pours her life into women, longing to see them free. It enlivened and encouraged me to do the same. When our time was over, the group of women circled around me and prayed. Oh how I needed that.

I hope you have a Stacey in your life. I pray you find a kindred spirit who models Jesus and inspires you with his/her tenacity to follow Him. I am utterly grateful and privileged to know this dear friend.