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George Story

I posted a story about fictional George the editor over at The Master’s Artist. If you need a little chuckle (I hope), stop on by.

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Letter from a Reader

It’s such a surprise and joy when I receive letters from readers, but this one stood above the rest. My heart in writing fiction has been to use the power of story to touch folks deep in their hearts. It’s confirming to see this happen: I just finished Wishing on Dandelions and sat crying for […]

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Blessings of the Day

Giving Watching the Tree Limbs to my friend Kate who loves to read fiction. Reading some very cool reviews: here and here and here.] Getting a day mostly to myself (except for doctoring poor Sophie who is sick) Actually having the opportunity to go to bed early Having a lovely and fun chat with my […]

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Publishing Doesn’t Validate You


Simple truth: Publishing doesn’t validate you. I have to admit before I was published, I thought that if I reached that nirvana called “published author,” I’d have sweet validation. Every day would be smiles and dancing. You know what? I was wrong. Being published is terrific, but it doesn’t bring happiness or validation. Instead, it […]

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Literary Fiction and the Christian

Here’s an interesting article I think you might enjoy about literary fiction and Christianity. Enjoy.

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The Stand Castle

This month’s celebration of new Christian fiction is all about fiction. (Surprise!) So, I’m posting a short story I wrote five years ago. I pray it encourages you when your sand castles tumble over in life’s surf, or are kicked in by bullies.   The Stand Castle By Mary E. DeMuth (copyrighted material)   Kallie […]

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