Blessings of the Day

Mar 16, 2006Family Uncaged, Write!

  1. Giving Watching the Tree Limbs to my friend Kate who loves to read fiction.
  2. Reading some very cool reviews: here and here and here.]
  3. Getting a day mostly to myself (except for doctoring poor Sophie who is sick)
  4. Actually having the opportunity to go to bed early
  5. Having a lovely and fun chat with my cool friend Jen
  6. Praying for my friend Heather (though not with her, waaaaa)
  7. Kissing my husband in between work and more work
  8. Picking up Aidan and Julia from school and listening to them chatter about the day
  9. Showing my home to Hud and Nancy McWilliams
  10. Eating Reeses Peanut Butter Cups, though now I feel guilty