So long ago, a photo snapped

Apr 14, 2007Archive

I think I must’ve been four in this picture. My father was a black and white photographer and had a penchant for following me around and snapping one million shots. I wonder if that’s a bit like how God feels about me, following me around (as well as following the entire human race around) and taking snapshots of me to display in a heaven-bound album.

Or maybe that’s how God felt in His pre-incarnation days, viewing earthlings through a telephoto lens, far away from the grit of earth. When He stepped to earth, He put away the camera in exchange for reality.

And that’s when He died for me and you and you and you and you and you. So we wouldn’t have to be alone. So we’d have the love of a heavenly Parent. So we’d revel in community with each other. So we could be blessedly free from our own penchant for sin.