21 Sentences NOT to say to a sexual abuse survivor

Mar 13, 2014Not Marked

Many who have suffered the devastation of sexual abuse have experienced the insensitivity of others. Words that sound more accusatory than helpful like, “That was so long ago. Why can’t you just get over it?”

Because I believe the Body of Christ truly wants to be an agent of grace and healing and redemption, I’ve compiled this list of insensitive sentences to help educate us as we love folks who have walked through this kind of trauma.

I didn’t write it to be accusatory. We all make mistakes when we talk to others. I wrote it to be informational, to shed light on how some words might deeply re-harm a friend.

This free PDF I’d can help you be more sensitive to sexual abuse survivors. Or perhaps this document can be something you can pass on to folks who may need to know–ministry leaders, friends, folks who may come in contact with those struggling with a sexually exploitive past.


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