Prayer Requests

May 24, 2019Heal from the past, We Too

Hello dear ones!

I have not died. I’m sorry it’s been a bit chirp-chirp around here, but I’ve been working crazily on finishing up

New Book Release!

I also launched HEALING EVERY DAY a few weeks ago!


Next Book Release:

In addition, I’m working very hard on launching WE TOO: How the Church Can Respond Redemptively to the Sexual Abuse Crisis.

This week, I had an article up on Fathom Magazine about returning to the scene of the rapes I encountered as a five year old.


It has been really exciting to see how God is pulling everything together for the launch of that book. Folks I don’t know are contacting me to be interviewed. I recently talked about what to expect and what I hoped to encounter at the Southern Baptist Convention in Mobile AL in June for CBN.

I want to publicly say THANK YOU to Jesus for all He has done. I have been walking this journey of advocacy for over a decade now, and there have been times when it felt like slogging through mud uphill in a tornado. But I’m so grateful things have opened up a bit, and the pathway ahead seems a little more clear.

What is hard is knowing that more allegations will come, and that more folks will come forward. I’m so grateful for the upcoming wave of transparency, but overwhelmed by the sheer numbers of people who have been devastated by sexual crimes.

Just this week, I’ve had several encounters with new stories of abuse. It tends to break my heart, and I am not quite to the place where I’m dealing with it well. So would you please pray for me, that I would learn how to bear burdens and still give those burdens to Jesus, the Burden Bearer?

I have also returned to trauma therapy, and it has not been as easy as I thought it would be. (I tend to be overly optimistic about these things). Since my last EMDR I have been physically sick, and I can’t seem to get better. Prayers appreciated for that. My hope is to heal from more trauma before the book releases and I’ll be facing sharing my story over and over again, as well as hear stories from others. I have a high capacity for empathy, but I overload from time to time.

Pray Every Day

I continue to pray every day for you at PrayEveryDay.Show. Did you know there’s a free PED app?

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Would you pray for me?

  • I will be on vacation with my family in the mountains next week and would love to be refreshed.
  • Please pray for protection of my heart, mind, and family as WE TOO nears release.
  • Pray that God would continue to open doors for the book. I believe this book is a watershed resource.
  • Pray for me June 10-12 as I attend the Southern Baptist Convention as a messenger representing my church, and as a committee member
  • REST in the month of July

Thank you so much.