Praise a Pastor: Here

May 2, 2007Archive

After my last angst-ridden post, I wanted to spend some time balancing out the ministry equation. I know there are many pastors and ministers who selflessly serve Jesus and His body. They suffer hardship and continue on. They exemplify service, authentic love, sacrifice, and joy. They may not have an abundance of material possessions, but my inkling is that their treasure is piled in heaven–a great reward reserved for the future.

Sometimes those who minister in obscurity get little praise. Sometimes they have no idea their work has made a difference. Though I’m sure they’ve felt reward in God’s smile, I know public praise and recognition would bless them. So let’s spread the joy, shall we?

In the comments section, publicly praise a pastor, minister, or a missionary. Give specifics. Maybe link to a website. And then send that person an email, reiterating what you’ve wrote, or just send them a link to this post. I’d sure love to have fifty comments here, blessing those who serve Jesus even at great personal cost. Let’s revel in what’s good.