Podcast break for Christmas!

Dec 19, 2016Archive, Restory Show

Just a quick note that we’ll be taking a Restory Show break during the next two weeks. Watch for an AMAZING show coming up on January 2nd, just in time for you to work through your new year.


  1. Susan G.

    Thanks for all your podcast stories! I absolutely love them and are encouraged by them! I don’t get to watch when I want to because of being gone so much from home…and I’m still making sure I find all Season 1 stories as I also watch podcasts from Season 2. I don’t want to miss any of them!
    I love how God is faithful to all His children and gives each of us hope and a future!
    Bless you Mary, as you bless others!
    May you have a truly blessed Christmas with your family!

    • Mary DeMuth

      Well, Susan, this was very sweet to read. Thank you. I’m so grateful you’re enjoying the stories. We have some amazing ones coming up in 2017!