Part of my Sabbath today: Painting per Erin

Oct 7, 2007Archive

My dear, sweet, artistic friend Erin inspired me today to paint with pencils. If you’d LOVE to be inspired artistically, read her beautiful tutorial here at the Soul Per Suit blog. I remembered we had these same type of pencils our kids had in France, called Caron D’Ache. So I stole (borrowed) them from Julia, grabbed a good piece of painting paper, and utilized a sharpie marker. Oh the fun I had. I created three pieces, small in scale, but oh-so-fun. Above is one of them.
If you’re needing a soul break, get out some pencils, some paper, a paint brush and a cup of water and have at it. My pictures aren’t prizeworthy, but they’re mine. I wonder if God feels the same rush of joy when He creates real flowers, trees, clouds. I think He must.