P.O.P. Dreams

May 15, 2007Archive

Some pretty interesting things happen in my dreams. And often, it’s for the Purpose Of Prayer (P.O.P.).

This last week, I had nightmares about France. The kind that wake me up and make me touch the bed to reorient myself. I’m not sure why I had these nightmares, but I did pray for the folks we left behind in France.

This morning I had a very involved dream about friends of mine who are going to be missionaries to Sweden. It was about their packing and moving, which just happens to be today. I tried calling, but their phone is no longer in service. So I do the best thing I can do: pray for them. Would you join me in praying that the Lord would give them grace and a smooth transition? That they’d find housing in Sweden? That He’d cradle them as they make this huge move with three little girls?

I’ve had some pretty surprising dreams. Some were spiritual warfare dreams so real I could barely catch my breath and pull myself out of them. Once I dreamt about some friends of ours who happened to have some difficult sin issues I knew nothing about. I later learned my dreams about them were accurate.

I could say this to toot my own horn, but what would that mean? Isn’t God the creator of dreams? He rules the universe. Surely He rules my subconscious. All I can do is wake up, hit the floor with my knees, and pray earnestly for the people populating those dreams.

This year the Lord’s been prompting me more about prayer. I’ve been discouraged about it lately. There have been prayers I’ve been praying since I met Jesus, over 25 years of the same prayers, and I’ve gotten discouraged. I know the Lord answers prayer. I know He does it in His timing. I can rest in that, though at times I get restless.

But even so, I pray. Not enough. Never enough. Ever feel that way?

I once read about an overbooked pastor who took counseling sessions. He just couldn’t take all the people on his schedule. So he asked every person to come an hour earlier and spend that hour in a prayer room or chapel on the grounds of the church and pray. The result? Most of his scheduled appointments spent their hour in prayer, felt God move on their behalf, and left the building, having been filled and renewed. Perhaps that’s the answer for the problems of this world. Pray. Lay down your dreams before Him. Give Him your heart, your woes, your worries, your victories. Pray.

So today I pray for Michael and Renee Mills and their children Abigail, Caroline and Emma Kate. The Lord is so gracious to remind me to pray for them by sending them into my dreams last night.

What about you? Had any dreams lately? Any P.O.P. dreams?