Now what will I say? Any help here?

Jan 15, 2008Archive

Today I wrote the words “broken record.” I was referring to an ongoing prayer request, one of those you repeat over and over and wonder if there will ever be an answer. It was a broken record prayer request.

Ack! Can we say DATED???

I can’t use “broken record.”

When I do, my kids laugh and ask about what life was like in the ancient-of-days Eighties when we put records on record players and didn’t (gasp!) have cell phones or personal computers in every home. The days of yore.

So what do I use now?

  • My prayer request is like a corrupted CD?
  • My prayer request is like a marred MP3?
  • My prayer request is like a skipping music file?

Please-oh-please help! None of these roll off the tongue, do they? Share your pithy, twenty-first century thoughts in the comments below.