New life for old acronyms

Apr 13, 2012Archive

Sometimes I run into folks who meet me in person and are surprised I can be funny. (Stranger things have happened.) I hope that my awkward sense of humor comes out on this blog. So for the sake of not taking myself or my day (or Friday the 13th)  too seriously, let’s have some fun renaming acronyms, shall we?

PMS (Premenstrual Syndrome for those of you of the male persuasion)

  • Pretty Mary Syndrome
  • Post Monkey Stress
  • Partly Maniacal Seizures
  • Pray for Much Sugar

FBI (Federal Bureau of Investigation)

  • Feral Bears Incinerate
  • Fantastic Bubbles Inflate
  • Fake Badguys of Indiana
  • First Be Irate

CIA (The Central Intelligence Agency)

  • Carnal Insect Advocates
  • Center for Intelligent Aardvarks
  • Catapulting Irate Actors
  • Cadbury-egg Inhalers Anonymous

FDIC (Federal Department of Insurance and Something That Starts with a C)

  • Fighting Dumb Insecure Cats
  • Federal Department of Ichabod Crane
  • Finding Doors in Crisis
  • Feeling Deeply In Canada

How about you? Care to come up with your own for PETA? CBS? PBS? Any others? Let’s have some fun. 🙂