My friend Sherri is published! WooHoo!

May 21, 2008Archive

I met Sherri Sand in 2003 at the Mount Hermon Christian Writers Conference. (Note: This picture is taken at a later conference, when it was actually sunny!) It was raining, and as I ran into the building where my class would be, I deflated my soggy umbrella and left it at the door along with all the other black umbrellas. I dashed into Nick Harrison’s class. He’s an editor at Harvest House, and he was talking about fiction. I settled myself, then suddenly had the urge to turn around.

There behind me was Sherri Sand, smiling. We instantly hit it off, starting a conversation that has lasted until today. We, both unpublished, had dreams of publication. We read each other’s stuff. She prayed for our family in France. I remember reading her words and knowing-knowing-knowing that someday she would hold her book in her hands.

And now she can.

Why? Sherri persevered. She wrote and wrote and wrote. She refined. She studied the craft. She kept at her dream even as she raised her children and loved her husband.

Here’s a recent interview with Sherri:
When you’re not writing or parenting, how do you spend your spare time?
Reading or running. (An occasional bubble bath with book and treats–door padlocked, of course!) With four kids, seven to eleven and a half years old, spare time is a rare commodity in our home!
If you could have any superpower, what would it be and why?
Hmmm. . . probably the ability to see where my kids will stumble the most painfully so I can help develop their characters more diligently in those areas.
For you, what was the most difficult part of the process of writing this book?
The editing. I wrote and rewote and rewrote and then my agent sold it to David C. Cook who hired an amazing editor to reshape it. It was tough. Spent a lot of time sending up SOS prayers!
When you were a child, what did you want to be when you grew up?
An author. Then as I got older an Egyptologist, then an accountant and finally in college decided to become a psychologist. God had other plans. Ones that I love!
Where will you be headed next?
I’ve started a collaboration series that I’m really excited about. I met with my agent and another writer a couple weeks ago to brainstorm and do some character development. It’s going to be a lot of fun to write.

Here’s a blurb about Sherri’s book, Leave it to Chance:

Single mom of three, Sierra Montgomery is desperate to find a new job to keep from having to move back home and be smothered to death by her mother’s good intentions and overbearing love. So when Sierra inherits Chance, a quirky old gelding she doesn’t have a clue what to do with, she thinks her best bet may be to sell the horse to cover another month’s rent–a decision that devastates her children.

Enter Ross Morgan, a handsome landscaper who just happens to have an empty barn and fenced pasture… perfect for an old horse to live out his days as the pet of three wounded kids. Ross develops a soft spot for eldest child Braden…and he just might have one for Braden’s mother. But what he doesn’t have is time for distractions–he’s got a landscaping business to run and nursery plants to tend.

But there’s just one problem. Sierra’s terrified of horses and–thanks to her past–wary of attractive men. Yet seeing the way her angry son idolizes Ross and adores that old horse forces Sierra to confront her fears. Will she remain distrustful and self-reliant, or will she seek help from God and those who love her?

You can purchase Sherri’s inaugural work here. IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO WIN A COPY OF THE BOOK, leave a comment below. I’ll pick a winner from this post and a similar post over at Relevant Blog. Be sure you give me a way to contact you. And if you’d like to know more, hop on over to the other blog tour participants below:

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