My books, His Glory

Jan 11, 2009Archive

Today in church we were singing about the glory of God. I know it may seem simplistic, but I stopped in the midst of the song and marveled at His glory. Singing, raising hands, and surrendering, I gave my career to Him and told Jesus, “It’s all for You. Please, please bring glory to Your name through my books.” It was a sweet surrender, a needed readjustment. Not that I’d run off and become a narcissistic megalomaniac (oh how I hope not), but I’d let my fear and worry about this business overtake the simple joy of writing for His renown.

There is joy in the relinquishing.

And there is peace when I stop fretting in lieu of gritty trust.

It reminds me of the worship song Your Renown by Shaun Groves. The chorus says:

Lord, it’s Your renown, Your eternal fame
That I live for now. It’s Your name. It’s Your name.

You can watch it here.