Lord Willing, We’re Going to Ghana

Feb 5, 2008Archive

Our family’s been on a fun roller coaster ride ever since our eleven-year-old son Aidan got a heart to dig wells in Africa. He was able to raise enough money to finish a well in Northern Ghana. He’s been asked by the local pastor to come there to help dedicate the well, and we’d like to come along for the ride.

If you’d like to read more about our adventure, click here for our partnership letter we sent out this week. For a family of five, who relinquished nearly everything we had to return home from France, this goal seems pretty impossible. Pray for us, would you? That God would direct us, provide a way for us, and inaugurate a new vision for the world?

We’ll need deposit money soon for all five flights, so please pray the Lord brings that in. Thanks so much.

With joy,
Mary for the DeMuths