Learning to de-busy-fy

Jul 30, 2009Family Uncaged, Find joy today

On vacation, I did a lot of thinking, praying, thinking, reading, and talking. I’ve been a bit worried about my pace of life, and I despaired that I had to bring work with me on my vacation. Yep, I even brought my crackberry, much to the chagrin of my kids who see my need for rest. All I really want is simplicity.

It seems obvious that I should’ve rested on vacation, right?

And for the most part I did, but with my responsibilities to The Writers View as well as various other writing and mentoring duties, I had a hard time letting go.

When I returned home, I started purging and using the word NO. Some of what I did included:

  1. Saying no to endorsements. I’m sad about this, but I simply cannot squeeze in another book to read right now.
  2. Unsubscribed from several emails. This has really de-cluttered my inbox.
  3. Bought this book: Getting Things Done by David Allen.
  4. Contacted my CPA and scheduled an appointment to talk about my options in terms of incorporating.
  5. Got sick one evening and spent the time watching cooking and decorating shows. Oh how I needed that.
  6. Kept my speaking fees at one level. At this point in my life, travel is a problem. It saps my strength and takes me away from my family. So if I speak, it has to be worth the time away.
  7. Prayed through a new decision after my dear, dear agent moved on. It’s an interesting time for me, so having to find a new agent actually feels like anticipation for what’s next, though I grieve losing her. I’m expectant to see what God will do and who He will lead me to.
  8. I kept my workspace clutter free.
  9. Just saying no in general. I’m learning there’s only one me, not five. So the one me has to say no, or I’ll break up into five frazzled people.
  10. I still try to keep dinner with my family a sacred time, slowing down while I prepare dinner, savoring the creativity.
  11. I spent time in the garden to clear my head.
  12. Unfortunately, though, in the busy-ness of coming back, I haven’t exercised. (But Boot Camp will come on Monday and then I’ll be sore, but happy.)

What about you? What clever, useful things have you done to de-busy-fy your life? I’d love your insight. Your wisdom. Your suggestions.