Joshua 21:1-19

Oct 6, 2023Podcasts, Pray Every Day Podcast

Today’s Scripture:

Mary is reading Joshua 21:1-19 in the WEB.

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Pray Every Day
Pray Every Day
Mary DeMuth

Pray through the Bible verse by verse with Mary DeMuth. When life overwhelms you, unburden yourself through prayer and experience God's nearness. God is listening.

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Deeper Still

So honored to welcome Deeper Still as a sponsor for the Pray Every Day Show!

Deeper Still – There is freedom from the emotional wounds of your abortion

Abortion is devastating and leaves a lasting impact on your heart, but it is not unforgivable. Many believe that they are forgiven, but cannot forgive themselves. Jesus has come to give you freedom from your abortion-wounded heart.

We are here to help you experience that freedom.

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Deborah Ann Saint


So honored to welcome Deborah Ann Saint as a sponsor for the Pray Every Day Show!

The Gospel is more powerful, more redeeming, and greater than we live.

I have been deeper in sin than most, like Paul, the woman at the well, and Peter after his denial. I have missed God, lived as an outcast sinner, and denied God’s presence and power in my life. Yet God has shown me His New Covenant of hope, the secret of hope I live by and love.

If you or someone you love has an ugly, seemingly unforgivable past like mine, you too can know by evidence from the Bible that you can be forgiven. You can learn to live forgiven, with a clear conscience. The relief from all guilt and shame is a pivotal gift of the Gospel that we get the privilege of offering in turn to others!

Are you or someone you care about down-trodden? Forgotten? Guilt-ridden? This book is for you. If you’ve had an abortion; if you’re gender questioning; if you’ve been abused or addicted, it’s for you. It is for those society has given up on; it’s for the worst of us and the “best” of us. It’s for those who think they are good enough and not sinners. All people everywhere can turn, look at Christ’s love, receive His forgiveness, and know His salvation. He forgives murder—His grace changes everything!

Uniquely conveying truths through a series of four elephant parables, this book seeks to reveal the magnitude of what is at stake when we live true to the real Gospel, and what happens when we understand and herald the Gospel in the power Christ entrusted to us. May we use it for His glory, to advance His kingdom; for He came to save, not condemn.

Connect with Deborah on her website, and order your copy of The Elephant Gospel here.

The Scandal of Christmas


So honored to welcome Dr. WIlliam B. Coker, Sr., and his book The Scandal of Christmas as a sponsor for the Pray Every Day Show!

This Advent season, set aside your preconceived notions of the way God works––to discover anew the incredible, world-changing story of God with us as you meditate on:

  • Zechariah, the faithful man God remembered
  • Joseph, the ordinary man in the shadows
  • Mary, the peasant girl behind the Creed
  • Jesus, the irreverent Word made flesh
As you read and meditate, you may find that the God who delights in undermining our expectations also delights in exceeding them at every turn.
Purchase your copy of The Scandal of Christmas on Amazon, or contact Ann Coker on Facebook to order a book with a stamped signature.

Scripture Lullabies

So honored to welcome Scripture Lullabies as a sponsor for the Pray Every Day Show!

Music from Scripture Lullabies delivers profound peace through orchestral melodies inspired straight from Scripture. It has been streamed over 500 million times since 2019 and is listened to worldwide. Listeners of all ages are finding relief from anxiety and nightmares, sound sleep, and God’s powerful peace.

Hidden In My Heart Album Collection has four volumes. Scripture Lullabies also has two peaceful piano albums titled Lighthouse and Quietly.

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