Helpless yet Helpful

Nov 6, 2012Kingdom Uncaged

I’m writing this post from the hospital while my daughter shakes off tears.

We have no answers. And that seems to be the answer. No answers.

I can’t help her.

I can’t fix her.

I feel helpless. Maybe because I am. Have you ever felt that way?

Julia’s issues started the moment I landed on US soil after a rigorous trek to Haiti. I haven’t had the luxury of debriefing the trip in my mind. The past three weeks have been one stress piled upon another, culminating in this seemingly unhelpful, unfruitful hospital stay where she was bothered, poked, examined, and yet no answers.

I’m so over it.

If I could, I’d know the answer, and I would fix her.

But I can’t.

Even so, I find strange solace in knowing that there is something I can do for another girl her age.

I can love Jeannette, who has a tarp-roofed outdoor school. She is Julia’s age, able to attend school, yet exposed by the elements. My daughter is unable to attend school right now–a high school with a roof and walls and heat and air conditioning. But Jeannette can. And she needs a safe place to learn.

When we went to Haiti as bloggers, we had no idea that we’d be funding this Legacy Project, but God had plans. He interrupted us so we could see those kids, bless that community, experience the school. This school doesn’t just bless Jeannette, but it reaches out to the entire community, reaching 150 kids with education. Here’s our heart:

The total cost of the school project will be about $100,000 dollars, and we’re daring to believe we can raise that (by God’s strength and provision) by Christmas. Would you be willing to be a part of this?
Here’s how.

  1. Go to the Legacy site here.
  2. Click on the “Back this Project” button on the right hand side. (If you need more information about Pure Charity, who are the vehicle for this fund raiser, read my post here. Setting up an account is very easy.)
  3. Donate to this project. We’re doing it in phases, starting with a brick for $35 bucks. The first phase ($3000) is almost funded.
  4. Consider corralling your kids around this project as a Christmas gift you give to Haiti.
  5. And, finally, would you pray as you do this that the Lord would be gracious enough to help us diagnose Julia?

I sit here helpless, no answers, and a child in pain. I can’t do anything right now for my dear, sweet 14-year-old, but I can be tangibly helpful to Jeannette and her town. I can help build a wall or a desk or a roof so she can learn.

This I can do. And I have to rest there.