Have a Thin Place story? Share it!

Jul 19, 2010Archive

(This feature closed in July 2011. You can read all the Thin Place stories here. Thanks to everyone who bravely shared their stories.)

I am really excited about this new feature here at MaryDeMuth.com. Last February, when my memoir Thin Places released, we had a contest to win a Kindle. Contestants had to pen a story with exactly 259 words sharing a time in their lives when God came near–a thin place. You can read the winning entry here.

Thin places are those times where the division between this world and the eternal fades; they are snatches of holy ground, tucked into the corners of our world, where we might just catch a glimpse of eternity. Now, I invite you to tell your story of a thin place in your own life right here, right now. A time when God came near. A time when you sensed His presence like never before. A time when you knew-that-you-knew-that-you-knew that He was real. While I don’t have a word count limit, I’d love if you could keep the entry to 500 words or less. A huge thanks to Lexie Smith and Lynn Cherry, readers who pioneered this idea. What a blessing they are!

This feature is now closed.