Happy National Day of Prayer

May 3, 2018Heal from the past, Mind if I pray for you?

On this National Day of Prayer, what better way to celebrate than to be prayed for? If you feel broken and needy and maybe even have a hard time asking others to pray for you, here’s a safe way to actually be prayed for every day this year. To do that, go here:
MY PROMISE: I will pray for you every day. I will lift up your needs, your desires, your secrets, your fears, your dreams, and especially your relationships. Listening takes just 5-6 minutes of your day, and you can even listen on your Alexa. I share this not to build some sort of prayer empire (what would that even look like?) but to empower you to experience the presence of Jesus every single day in your life.
I cannot tell you how deeply and profoundly prayer has changed my life. Prayer has rocked my shaky (me-centered) foundations. God has used prayer to grow me, heal my broken heart, and redeem what seemed to be an irredeemable past. I wouldn’t be here today, sharing these simple words, had it not been for the guts and grit of others who dared to touch my shoulder, hold my hand, and pray that God would heal my heart.
Let me end by personally praying for you. PUT YOUR NAME in this prayer:
Jesus, I pray for ____[you]_____ today that You would continue the good healing work You have begun. Restore a seemingly broken relationship. Usher in reconciliation, humility and forgiveness where brokenness, rage, and hurt have prevailed. Heal the ache that comes from dashed expectations, broken promises, or personal failure. We are dry and thirsty, and we need Your healing water, welling up abundantly. In ourselves we cannot quench our thirst. We’ve searched for fulfillment in things or fame or money and found them empty. Forgive us. Instead, Jesus, would You usher in life? That abundant life we are longing for? We’re tired of trying to manufacture life out of toothpicks and chewing gum. Instead we want joy-filled, purpose-ignited, You-centered life. We trust that You can bring that, and we ask forgiveness when we’ve relied solely on our wherewithal. We need You, Jesus. We love You. Renew us like the dawn. Amen.