Greased, hairless, wrathful cat

Nov 26, 2010Kingdom Uncaged, Write!

I’m writing a spiritual warfare book, as many of you know. Although I have it mapped out and well researched, writing it has become much like trying to wrestle a greased, hairless, wrathful cat. Hairless because those type of cats just freak me out (as does the book). Greased because it’s not easy to grab onto them (and this subject). Wrathful because I would imagine a greased hairless cat would be mean and spiteful (hence how I’ve felt spiritually attacked during the writing of this book).

So would you pray for me as I try to wrestle this slippery kitty?

Pray that God would make things clear to me, that He would breathe words to life, that He would help me formulate my thoughts in a readable way. But more than that, pray for those who will eventually read it, that they would be moved, empowered, strengthened, enlivened.

PLEASE NOTE: This picture is of my cat who is certainly NOT hairless or greased, although at times she can be wrathful.