God told me to tell you . . .

Dec 1, 2006Find joy today

I heartily believe God speaks to us. And I’m forever grateful that He does. Where I get angsty is when someone else, on my behalf, tells me what God wants me to do, particularly when it doesn’t square with what God has said to me.

It’s all so subjective, isn’t it?

The frustrating part is keeping one’s mouth shut. Believe me, a part of me wants to shout, “Hey, how can you be sure this is God and not just your holy agenda or bias for my life?” Because, when ‘words from God’ come from people who are utterly convinced they’re spouting His words, it’s hard not to shout. Or defend. Or try to convince.

I’ve had this happen a few times in my life. When it has, I have reminded myself of the difficult truth that God holds my reputation in His capable hands. He is my defender. He is the One who sees me, understands me, lets me know His will. I can trust in Him, even when someone scorns me for not obeying their particular word from God.

Before I close my rant, I do want to say I’ve been blessed by others who come to me with words of encouragement. The words they say confirm what God has said and they don’t come in a condescending, directive, assured way. Just bits of Scripture that jump off the page to them and to me, or prayers, or stories that seem to fit seamlessly into what God’s been communicating to me.

And remember, just because someone who appears spiritual and pious comes to you and tells you, “God told me to tell you that you need to sell your Honda and buy a Buick,” doesn’t mean it’s from God. It might just be from a Buick salesman.