God of past friendships

Jan 24, 2011Find joy today

I drove by a restaurant that reminded me of a dear friend from the past. She used to have me over, grab takeout teriyaki, and we’d eat and laugh over chicken and steamed veggies. So when I saw a similar restaurant, just a simple storefront, I remembered her.

Then I fretted. Because we haven’t been in contact for many, many years. I’ve tried, but I can’t seem to find her, which makes me very sad. We’ve both moved several times between our friendship then and our lives now.

This causes grief in my heart. For some reason I think I should maintain every single relationship in my life, up to the level it was in the past. Of course, logically, I know this is impossible. People move (I did), and friendships die, change, morph, or move on. It’s just not easy for me to let go.

So I prayed for my friend. And the Lord was so kind to remind me:

Do you believe I am the God of past friendships?

Yes, Lord, I told Him.

Then place her in My hands. I will take care of her.

This brought intense relief (and will continue to do so if I dare to keep placing that friendship in His hands.) God loves her far more than I do. He will take care of her. And if He wants us reunited, it will happen. And if not on this earth, then in the great hereafter. There is great peace in that.

So I remember my teriyaki-giving friend, her smile, her generosity, her sage advice, and I entrust her to the One who created her.


Do you have a friend you miss? How can you place him/her into the hands of Jesus today?