From Haiti to the Hospital to Delirium

Oct 13, 2012Archive

Please pray for our daughter Julia.

The first text I received landing stateside was from my hubby. He said Julia had been dizzy at school and that he was taking her to the ER.

I called him immediately, felt okay in the moment, but then I talked to her. Not. Normal. Lethargic speech. Not my daughter. I freaked then. Something deep inside panicked. I wept as I deplaned. Which may be from not sleeping for four nights (and now five). The team prayed for me. I disobeyed customs and talked on my cell.

From what I gather from snippets of the story, this is what happened. Julia was going to get one of her books in her first period class along with everyone else. She tripped on the stairs and her teacher asked her if she was okay. She asked if Julia wanted to go to the nurse and she said yes. She couldn’t see right and her legs wouldn’t obey her.

Someone walked her there.

The nurse assumed Julia was high. (She was not.)

When Patrick saw her at school, he had a hard time rousing her. When he woke her, he tried to help her walk to the car, but she couldn’t do it on her own.

He took her to the ER.

They ran bucketloads of tests, culminating in a catscan and a spinal tap. Ruling out the big scaries like meningitis, encephalitis, cancer. Nothing conclusive though she may have an elevated white count. They advised taking her by ambulance to Children’s Hospital.

By this time I had landed. A dear friend picked me up and drove me directly here.

All I wanted to do was pet her head. When I saw her, I knew something was wrong. I could see it in my husband’s eyes too. She just wasn’t herself.

Neurological tests followed. The meds she was on dissipated and she came back to us a bit. Though she had a hard time remembering her morning and asked the same questions over and over.

Another test: an MRI to rule out stroke and/or tumors. Thank God–clean.

We wait until this morning to consult with the pediatric neurologist. She has had a constant, painful headache. And her body just doesn’t obey her right.

I’m writing this from a darkened hospital room, eyes dry and bloodshot, heart heavy. I don’t write this to garner sympathy. The only reason I write this is to ask you to pray for us. Julia’s been scared, lots of tears, understandably so. Would you pray for peace? A clear diagnosis? A strong sense of God’s presence in this room? God’s sweet intervention?

The only scripture that pops into my mind over and over like a mantra is this one: The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy. I came that they may have life and have it abundantly. John 10:10. So I ask God to please bring abundance in this situation.

Thank you for your sweet, needed prayers. If I can, I’ll update. Probably the best place to check is Twitter. (@MaryDeMuth).