Freaking Out is Good To Do

Jul 18, 2007Archive

What a refreshing article I read in the April issue of (gasp!) Oprah magazine. Actually, I merely skimmed it, but I’m so glad I did. The SCIENTIFIC premise? Freaking out initially in a stressful situation is actually GOOD for you. Hear that?

So, all those years I’ve been told NOT to freak out when I cut my hand or my child’s head connects with a wall corner, or stressful news comes via the phone, those folks were dead wrong. I’m so glad.

Yep, I’m gloating.

Apparently, people who have a strong reaction in the moment of a stressful situation are actually healthier. They deal with it, calm down, and move on. They don’t stuff the stress. They heal quicker from grief.

Serious stuff: Once I broke down in a prayer meeting thing. The weight of some pretty crummy things crashed on top of me like an elephant sitting on a grape. One man looked at me like I was crazy as a loon. It really bothered him that I poured my grief out in prayer. But now I realize it’s probably okay. It’s the way God made me–to react in the moment so I can let it go in the long run.

Are you a freaker-outer? Let’s unite! Form a club! Revel in our soul-health! Hip-Hip-Hooray!

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I need to go react to my messy kitchen…