Four Seasons & a Desert (Guest Post)

Jun 2, 2012Archive

This is a guest post by Rachel Wojnarowski. She is an excellent writer and has something to say that I think will bless you.

Spring is fading to summer and the heat is beginning to stick around a while in this region of America. The brightness of the gorgeous sun shines brightly and the grass requests water at regular intervals. Technically, the calendar still declares it to be “spring,” but we can feel it lurking- the beauty of summer. Not yet arrived, but fully anticipated, the season is changing.
So much in this earthly life rests on the seasons: schedules, chores, meal plans, home maintenance… The list could go on and on with the course of the four seasons, but for a moment, reflect with me on spiritual “seasons.”
Spiritual winter could be viewed as flowing with forgiveness. The freshness of forgiven sins basks in white glory and almost blinds others when the light of Christ is reflected. Sparkling snow polish gleams in the Sonlight and embraces the chill.
A spiritual spring freshly blooms with new life, either by salvation or a renewed, refreshed spirit. The buds turn to blossoms and fill the air with their fabulous fragrance- the scent of prayer directed towards Heaven, glorifying the Father in all its treasures.
Summer reflects fullness of growth, maturing through daily Bible reading and prayer. Growing towards Christi-likeness each day, the spirit and soul feel green and future-friendly. Soaking in the rain and basking in the hot sun, thirsty heads turn up to face the Father. Their turning effort affords full saturation of grace and mercy is rained down.
The autumn arrives with ripe produce and harvest plenty; the light of Christ has yielded results of new fruit. Enjoying crisp morning air and colorful leaves, the spiritual harvest is preserved and treated well.
While the thoughts of spiritual seasons are alluring, sometimes we aren’t “in season”, but “between seasons.” Maybe your current circumstances aren’t feeling too sparkly and white or your life is not looking “future-friendly.”
Perhaps the desert would better describe your spiritual walk right now. Dry and crusty with the need for an oasis.
Just one of the many gorgeous handiworks of our God is His ability to take the worst and use it for the best. In the book of Isaiah, the country of Israel was in such a state; their land had been rampaged and no hope for crops was in sight.

They were more than “between seasons.” But Isaiah 51:3 tells us what God wanted to do and did with this forsaken land:
“For the LORD will comfort Zion, He will comfort all her waste places; He will make her wilderness like Eden, And her desert like the garden of the LORD; Joy and gladness will be found in it, Thanksgiving and the voice of melody.”
Goodbye Desert.
Hello Oasis.