First Service a Success

Apr 9, 2006Find joy today

Thank you, Lakepointe, for printing our banners!
Julia wanted to help. She put candles in votive holders (with a smile!).
We set up the room cafe style. This is how the table tops looked. The bulletins and other information was placed inside the buckets.
Sophie and friends.
Guitar player and worship friend, Barnaby!
How the room looked all set up.
We had nearly fifty people attend our first service! It was such a blessing to scan the crowd and see friends we’d been in relationship with for over a year now. And, several people wanted to come, but couldn’t. The worship went on without a hitch (though we couldn’t get the monitors to work), and the power point did its thing (thanks to a good friend who donated a projector to us). The message was team-taught by Patrick and Justus. They both did a good job. Hinged between their messages was an interactive piece that got people talking about Jesus as King. We had refreshments afterwards. People lingered. The Lakepointe team did a fantastic job on teaching the children and helping us set up and take down.
We’re grateful to a mighty God who sustained us through a very difficult year. This felt like a beautiful culmination to our suffering. God does bring joy in the midst of it all!