Finding my Voice

Oct 24, 2005Find joy today

I’ve sung forever and a year (to exhaust a cliche). Not that I’m some recording artist or anything, I’ve just loved to sing. I dropped my friend Valerie at the airport tonight and sung at the top of my lungs with my friend David Crowder (on a CD. Thanks, Don Pape!). I raised one hand to the heavens, when I wasn’t shifting, and connected with Jesus.

By the way, David’s the one with the beard.

I realized there have been two times I’ve found my voice, my real singing voice. Granted, I’ve sung in choirs and alone for many years, but it wasn’t until I sang “I Will Not Forget You,” by Enter the Worship Circle, that I heard myself be really me. The low-voice part of me erupted somehow as I strummed away at my guitar. Throaty and funky, I came out!

And the other song that beckoned the real-me voice was none other than David Crowder’s “A beautiful Collision.” That’s the song I sang tonight, over and over as my heart and God’s collided in a singing frenzy.

I’m thankful I’ve found my singing voice. After thirty-eight odd years, you’d think I’d find it sooner than now! But maybe that’s how our lives with Jesus are. We grow. We find ourselves. The longer we walk this earth, the more we grow, the more “we” we become. I am more me than I ever was, thanks to the God who stooped low to earth to hold me.