Don’t let a trip to the library ruin your book dream

Mar 16, 2017Write!

Do you have a story? I believe you do. And because this is the Restory site, I believe you have a (re)story to share with the world, too. But maybe you’re afraid. Or intimidated. Or tired (it happens).

But if you’ve ever wanted to write your story, then hold it in your hands in the form of a book baby, this post is for you. The next mentoring intensive is in July, and I’ll open that up in May. Watch this space.

You’ll want to reserve your spot–there are only a limited number of spots, and they’ll fill up fast.

I’d like to introduce you to some of my new writer friends who are bravely writing their stories. But not only that, some of them are writing curriculum, Bible studies, guides for parents, homeschooling manuals, memoirs, and novels. Even though everyone was so very different, we shared the same passion–to see our words have impact in this crazy, messed up world.

So, meet Brian, Erin, Rebecca, Lea Ann, Ellen, Jeanne, Robin, and Ruth. They better share how the mentoring intensive helped them realize their book dream.

Mentoring Intensive Testimonies:

In case you’d like to hear from real people who attended, here are several of the attendees sharing briefly about what they got out of the intensive.

I would LOVE to see you come to the intensive May 12-13th. It’s a passion of mine to mentor and launch new writers into this crazy, messed up world.

This might be your stumbling block:

For those of you who walk into a library or bookstore and lament, “Why would I want to write a book–there are so many,” remember this: there is only one you. Only one of YOUR stories. You have a unique perspective on the world, and you will reach a specific audience. In fact, you’ll reach people I’ll never reach.

I believe the world needs your words. So this mentoring intensive is my way of helping you not only launch a dream (your book! in your hands!), but to expand the landscape of the kingdom of God because of your story.